For decades, sequential art (comic strips/comic books) have been a great way to educate and entertain people. Through the unique use of story-telling that uses both narration and character dialog, along with illustrations known as panels, the comic book creator navigates the reader through the book. Comic books date as far back as the 30’s, and these days they still serve as not only a great way to entertain readers, but they are also a very big part of what fuels the motion picture industry.

In this section you will find my contributions to the world of sequential art.

My latest comic book is HOW TO DRAW MONSTERS.
In this story you will come to know SIMON SCOTT. A young man who grew up with countless adversities. AUTISM being one of them. However, with these adversities came some very unusual (yet fantastic) abilities. Most notably, Simon’s drawings can come to life! You will also become very familiar with Simon’s past, his treacherous present, and what certainly looks to be a very unpredictable future. Add to that , a radical duo that Simon meets (and becomes very good friends with), and you have the makings of one intense adventure!